As cremation becomes more popular across the country, more families are choosing to preplan their cremation. There are lots of benefits to planning ahead, and we recommend all our families to do so if possible. Preplanning a cremation with South Shore Online Cremation saves your loved ones from making difficult decisions in the future. They can focus on their own healing knowing all your preferences will be respected to the letter.

Why Plan Online with Us?

For over 150 years, we’ve provided the highest standard of funeral care and cremation services at South Shore Online Cremation. We are proud of our legacy of service, one that stretches five generations long. Though you may already be familiar with other discount cremation services in the area, ours is set apart by its on-site, state-of-the-art crematory. Your loved one stays in the care of our compassionate staff care throughout the entire cremation process, so you’ll have peace of mind from start to finish.

Is Cremation Right for You?

For many families in and around Michigan City, cremation is a more affordable option than traditional burial. Cremation lets you honor your loved one without an expensive visitation, reception, or graveside service. Planning a cremation is a simple, straightforward process that many families appreciate, especially during a difficult time of grieving. Families can honor their loved ones with meaningful keepsake jewelry, a decorative urn, or a beautiful cremation box. When you come to us for cremation, our experienced staff members will advise you on finding the right memorial items for your loved one.

Contact Us

If you live in or around Michigan City and have questions about preplanning a cremation, contact us at 219-750-1999. Our cremation experts will answer any questions you have about the cremation process with us at South Shore Online Cremation.